House of Touch

"The reverberation and the ego of a bunch of keys. The noise of a car in the distance. The confident step of a woman walking through a large hallway. I touch the wall and feel a smooth surface that leaves me disoriented. The hollow sound of a door that closes to lock an unknown space. The fear of a cool cold void. My fingertips glide over an embossed structure in the wall that give me the confidence to follow. 

The friendly voices above in the space are approaching me, but as soon as the sounds becomes too much, nobody notices me. I am almost knocked over. As soon as my fingertips discover a structureless surface again, a certain uncertainty comes to mind. A lower tile in the floor gives me the feeling that I am falling in a void. 

There is something open, I hear a voice without ego. I feel a light breeze caressing my face. The airflow becomes stronger, and I smell the late summer and the rain of yesterday. Suddenly a pillar sends a shock through my body as a shock of fear and death. 

A wall on each side gives me support. The warm sun on my face is making me experiencing a wonderful view of a beautiful mountain landscape in the early morning. The cold draft that creeps out of the bricks is letting me know that I am still inside. It distributes the heat and the cold flow of air. 

The space seems enormous, I walk from two walls next to me directly to another wall. The depths in the wall that suddenly appear under my hand get my body out of balance. "

This story is about how you could perceive a space, when you are only able to focus on your touch. That is why the project, House of Touch, was created. A space that could be a home for a blind person. A space created from my Studio DNNK's own experience from a research done in the space around us while blindfolded.  

The house is this the translation of certain elements Studio DNNK discovered in the research that were pleasant for us and therefore translated into the space as they are right now. Examples of these experiences are the curtain around the bed to create a more cave and intimate feeling. Or the special designed carpet on the wall that continues on the floor to indicate the location of the living room inside the open space. The special designed Flexible Concrete, placed on the floor and continuing in solid form to the counter top of the kitchen is created to make it easier for the blind inhabitant to locate his kitchen.  

Another main idea kept in mind while designing the house was, that guests that came to visit the blind inhabitant would also feel comfortable inside the house.